Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cookies - Take 2

Did I say Pecan Shortbread was up next? Silly me! I meant to say Toffee Pecan Drop Cookies. This recipe is in More from Magnolia (yes, that Magnolia, the one in the West Village NYC with the cupcakes...) Instead of using toffee pieces, I chopped up Heath Bars. These are making their debut this year and they are yummy. Well, of course I tasted one. Do you think I'd give them as gifts without tasting them?! And anyway, you how there's always one (at least one) misshapen cookie on every pan? Well, that's the one I et.

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  1. Hi Bonnie!! We did our annual baking too. Only 1400 cookies this year. In all I think about 12 kinds: Chocolate Espresso shortbread, Maple Pecan Shortbread, Chocolate Truffle Cookies, Snowballs, Nutmeg Logs, Cinnamon Sticks, Swedish Pastry Balls, Cranberry Crisps, Your Gilded Chocolate Shortbread Stars, Almond Macaroons, Cherry Drops, and Brown Sugar Slices. We also made peanut brittle and Almond Toffee. Since our aunt passed away, we decided to cut back, and as you can see, we really didn't. People really seem to appreciate good, lovingly made cookies. We made all the cookies in about three afternoons and froze them. The candies we made right before we packaged everything. I am already looking forward to next to you.....cindy