Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Only in Hawai'i

Needed a house blessing gift and went directly to Native Intelligence, a beautiful shop that, happily, is around the corner from my office. Walking in the door is as calming as a short vacation. You find yourself naturally slowing down among the hula implements, clothing, handcrafted wood boxes and albums, photographs, fantastic selection of books, fresh lei...and owner Kapono'ai. Always smiling, filled with aloha, he somehow focuses in like a laser on a subject that will interest each individual customer. I'm sure he'd object to the term "customer." "Guest" is probably better and after a while, 'ohana (family). So, of course, I found the perfect gift. And I left with a gift of my own as did everyone else in the store. Hawai'i oranges which Kapono'ai recommended be combined with iced tea. "'Ono (delicious)" he said. Native Intellingence is 'ono, too.

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