Monday, August 24, 2009


After eight long years, my friends (and client) D.K. and Lori Kodama finished building and moved into their GORGEOUS new Honolulu home. I had the pleasure of attending their housewarming this past weekend. I really wanted to 1)see them and their children, 2)see D.K.'s wonderful dad who I hadn't seen since D.K.'s mom died almost a year ago, 3)see the rest of the Kodama clan, 4)see the Honolulu Sansei/d.k Steak House contingent, and 5)because when the host of the party owns several of the best and most popular restaurants in Hawai'i, you know how good - and plentiful - the food and drink is going to be. Mission accomplished on all fronts.

One of the cutest and quirkiest things about this branch of the Kodama family is that they named all three of their children after cheese. Yes, you heard me. Cheese. So along with all the fruit, marinated vegetables, crackers, and miscellaneous other nibbles at the "station" near the bar were three cheese displays. There was Brie, Chevre, and Cashel Bleu...with a beautiful photo of the respectively-named child attached to a little dowel stuck into each one. Obviously, I'm trying to get a photo. But for now, picture it. It was THAT adorable.

And here's the most important thing about the house and the party. There were many, many people there - more than a hundred, I'm sure. There were dozens of children. All over the place. Running around. With crayons and markers and every kind of toy. (Lori and I were walking through one of the hallways and I felt something beneath my foot. "Oh, you just stepped on some broccoli," she said laughing as I picked up the molded rubber floret and tossed it back into one of the children's rooms.) The house is magnificent. But it is NOT a museum. It was designed with family and friends and children and fun and big gatherings in mind. And that is what makes it the very best kind of house there is. A house that is most definitely a home.

Congratulations D.K. and Lori. May you have many happy, healthy, prosperous years and lots of fantastic parties in your new home.

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