Monday, August 10, 2009

The movie

Yes, "Julie & Julia" is as wonderful as all the pre-opening publicity promised. I'm sure all my "foodie" (I HATE that word) friends have already seen it. If you haven't seen it - and even if you're not food-obsessed - you should. It's a joy, perfect summer entertainment. Plan to have a meal afterwards; you will definitely be hungry. I live in a place without the wisp of a hope of finding Boeuf a La Bourguignon, which is what you will be hungry Roy's Szechuan Ribs - and lots more of his good food - proved an excellent substitute.

Not to brag - okay, to brag a tiny bit - I did receive a note from Julia Child 15 years ago. I had invited her to "A Taste of Lahaina" back in the day that I was the event publicist. What a thrill to get this in the mail! It's framed now and defininitely a prized possession.

So, anyway I did pull out my old, battered copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking when I got home Friday night. It's an original 1961 edition and look what I found stuck in the front cover!

I did partake many years ago - I'm not a aficionado so I don't remember anything other than that it was very, very good. I do remember it was served by an old friend who'd been holding on to it for years and thought that a very casual gathering of friends over bowls of humble spaghetti and meatballs was occasion enough to open it.

Okay, so back to the book. I've been re-reading it and may attempt Julia's Tarte Tatin.


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  1. She sounds so genuine even in a basic thank-you letter. Miss those days of old-school etiquette which was fading even then. It's amazing how the movie has sent people back to their cookbooks. We've become so jaded about our abundance of food and restaurants, so it's great to feel that spark of passion usually reserved for first crushes.