Thursday, January 21, 2010

Roller coaster ride update

3 - it's past 3:00 p.m. on my second carless day - I hope it's done soon...and the bill isn't bigger than expected

At first, it was nice working from home yesterday. Then, when I realized I couldn't hop in the car and go, it turned to be not quite so nice. It's not like I live in Siberia or don't have friends around who are always happy to help. Sweet D.E. took me grocery shopping yesterday and I took him to Market St. Bistro for lunch. And although the car repairs weren't done yet, Jane drove me down to Kahului in time to meet Cathy and Hillary for a fantastic lunch at Dragon Dragon - it was our belated holiday lunch and well worth waiting for. And then they, in turn, drove me to my office.

So I've now missed two days at the gym, one-and-a-half days at the office, and one morning at Punana Leo. Un-routine. I am NOT complaining, merely stating the facts. And observing how disoriented I get when I stray from my routine. Probably be a good idea to work on that...

4 - potential new client meeting now set for next Tuesday.

oh - 2 - no, I'm not going to NYC to read my Six Words. When I woke this morning, I found that I'd come back from the edge of the temporary insanity that enveloped me yesterday. I love my cousin Michael's response when I e-mailed him this morning - "It's good that you put yourself at the edge for a bit, the view is much better." Oh, yes...

I would have to use up all my miles to fly uncomfortably for about 20 hours - with four or so more on the ground - to attend a one-hour event and stand on a stage to read six words. Yes, it would be totally fun and I might meet some highly interesting people, even make some great contacts. But in my actual real life, I have a huge project due next Friday, and a business to run every day. I often think I'd LIKE to be that other person, but I'm not.

So, as my friend Geri said this morning, it was a fun ride and there's nothing wrong with taking one of those rides every so often. And recognizing when it's time to get off and go back to reality. I learned a bit more about myself and, most important, the acknowledgement of my writing - yes, even just Six Words - is a good thing. So, thanks to Rita and Lali for the encouragement and help.

By the way, the Six Word NYC Memoir of mine that was chosen is:

Sunday Times, bagel, schmear, regular coffee.

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  1. Benevolence is not a requirement it is an option and a divine one at that to be received via "a little help from my friends", eh?!

    Congratulations for your “6 Words” recognition that indeed captures the flavor of a Sunday morning!