Saturday, January 16, 2010

A post script to the holiday baking posts

I've spent a couple of hours each day this month organizing my "loose recipes" and putting them into binders. It's something I'd been meaning to do for a while, the new year seemed a good time to get to it and, while it's relatively mindless, it has required enough attention these last few days to take my mind off the disastrous earthquake in Haiti. I feel a bit guilty even writing this but sometimes after we've shed a million tears and sent money we need to accept there's not much else we can except maybe concentrate on being better to each other on a daily basis. If it's offensive to you that I'm being frivolous, I understand completely, apologize and, by all means, stop reading.

Back to the cookies. While deciding what to bake this past holiday season I read a lot of recipes that included lemon. After I chose one, I tossed the others aside. Today, I found them and gave them another look. One is Lemon Drop Sugar Cookies. Recipe Source: COOKING LIVE with Sara Moulton (TV FOOD NETWORK). Recipe courtesy of...yup, you guessed it - Madeline Lanciani, Duane Park Patisserie. I think I'll make them this weekend.


  1. Baking Madeline Lanciani, Duane Park Patisserie Lemon Drop Sugar Cookies sounds like a benevolent endeavor towards your quest to lending kindness to others. Carry on!

  2. There are clearly not even six degrees of separation when it comes to Madeline Lanciani... and I agree with jms that baking cookies is a benevolent endeavor, so, yes, do carry on!