Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I know, it's always all about the food

Aloha all...good, easy flights, I even slept much of the way. After all these years I've discovered the secret - good ear plugs.

I was so happy to arrive - the concrete, the grit, the energy - I love it all. No traffic from the airport to Brooklyn (which, by the way is the new Manhattan), arrived at my auntie's house in less than 20 minutes and fell into "home" mode.

First thing I saw in the kitchen was the apple pie(s) pictured above. "I had a little extra dough," my auntie said, "and a few extra apples, so I made a LITTLE pie." She's so cute! Dinner was a tableful of my favorites - including her melt-in-your-mouth brisket - and the pie is so good. I realized it's "difference" right away - instead of traditional pie dough, she uses cookie dough. I am so making it when I get home! It won't be AS good as my auntie's but...

Breakfast this morning was what Brooklyn breakfast is all about (also pictured above) - pumpernickel, onion rolls, lox, cream cheese, whitefish salad (my FAVORITE!), herring in cream sauce - so 'ono!

Cousins coming for dinner tonight - "crummy" chicken - not crumby chicken, crispy chicken with a delicious crunchy coating - lots of wine, vodka, laughter, I'm sure.

It was outrageously cold today - but supposed to warm up tomorrow and get into the 80s - the 80s! - for the weekend. Into Manhattan tomorrow for two museums and probably a lot more than two restaurants.


  1. Not fair when all I have in the apartment is nothing good!

  2. My auntie says, "You're invited, Madge."