Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I have negelected the blog for far too long... now I'm playing catch up - AGAIN.

Oh my goodness. I just looked at the blog - last post on August 26th - are you kidding me? I better get writing.

Roselani Ice Cream site updated, all polished up, improved, delicious - - have a visit when you can. And kudos once again to webmeister Gill Brooks.

Lots of tours in the last few weeks, each one more fun than the last. The most adorable honeymooners a little while ago - early 20s, from Chicago, first trip to Maui. Proclaimed everything they ate - and young AJ ate A LOT - "awesome." So cute I wanted to take them home and cook dinner for them.

Fabulous birthday dinner (9/5) for friend Geri at Sansei Kihei where Exec. Chef Ivan Pahk dazzled, as usual. Even the humble edamame was transformed to decidedly un-humble tossed with black bean butter sauce, chili flakes, shiitake mushrooms and pencil-thin asparagus. Seared scallops, risotto, quail, and on and on it went. A perfect and perfectly delicious evening.

Labor Day (9/7), Maui participated in Slow Food USA's "Time for Lunch" campaign. More than 350 community potlucks across the country to encourage legislators to update the Child Nutrition Act and provide Real Food in our schools. Colleague and friend Charlene Ka'uhane did a masterful organizing job and although the small turnout was a little disheartening for me, she always looks on the bright side. It was a start and at least a few more folks are aware of the challenge and the road to solution.

Gotta go. Coming soon (no, really, soon)...

Food, glorious food - courtesy Market Fresh Bistro
Art - courtesy some groundbreaking young Hawaiians

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